AngularJS Tutorial: Ultimate guide! Fast and easy (English Edition)

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AngularJS Tutorial

Ultimate guide! Fast and easy

This book is an exploration of the Angular.JS JavaScript Library. It begins by guiding you on how to add the Angular to your HTML page. The next part is an exploration of the differences between services and factories. Most people use these interchangeably. We have provided an explanation on the difference between the two and the best one which one can use. Observables in Angular are also explored in depth with no detail being left out. The property “ngMessageFormat” which has been introduced in the most recent versions of Angular.JS is examined in detail, showing you how to use it. The Multi Providers which are a common feature in Angular are explained, along with the property “ngUpgrade” which is used for upgrading Angular apps. Multiple transclusions and named slots in Angular JS are discussed, as well as the process of injecting services into services in Angular.JS.
The following topics are explored in this book:
How to Add Angular to a Page
Factory vs. Services
Observables in Angular
The Feature “ngMessageFormat”
Multi Providers in Angular
Use of “ngUpgrade”
Named Slots and Multiple Transclusion
Injection of Services into Services

Here is a preview of what you’ll learn:

  • How to Add Angular to a Page
  • Factory vs. Services
  • Observables in Angular
  • The Feature “ngMessageFormat”
  • Multi Providers in Angular
  • Use of “ngUpgrade”
  • Named Slots and Multiple Transclusion
  • Injection of Services into Services

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