Fiat Panda Lounge 1.2 bz 69 CV, Rossa – Welcome Kit

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(dal Nov 06,2022 11:28:14 UTC – Dettagli)

Reserve this Fiat car by purchasing the Welcome kit
The Fiat Panda embodies the principles of the Fiat car: personality, practicality and simplicity. This Panda Lounge 1.2 Gas comes with Manual Steering, Alloy 14\” wheels and has built in Radio and Bluetooth.
Drive home this car with a list price of EUR 13,500 for a special discount of 23%. In total you pay EUR 10,930 of which EUR 180 is for reserving the car and the remainder is at the dealership to purchase the car.
Your Welcome Kit will contain an offer code, a car brochure and FIAT cap merchandise. For details on how to use the offer code, see process details below.